Item level gear boost

Our best dungeon team will help you with this boost service, including Item level gear boost.


Your Rewards

450-465 ilvl loot for your character’s chosen class and spec until you get items in each of 11 item slots you have (10 if your character’s spec is using one two-handed weapon) BUT not including 3 Azerite Armor pieces (head, shoulders and chest) You can purchase x1-2 azerite pieces after weekly reset for titan residuum from weekly chest !



Additional options:

  • Self play (You play by your own character during the boost, otherwise will be made by account share with stream)
  • Account share (We will logon into your account and provide the service)
  • 450 - 465 item level


  • 120 lvl
  • Boost takes 2-7 days
Item level gear boost

Our reviews

20 321accounts
Really fun to play with

Really fun to play with, they have the best Monks i have every seen. I will use them again.

Leticia Mendez5 hours ago
Awesome service

Awesome service. I got the run I was promised within about 10 minutes of paying.

Craig Renner2 hours ago
Awesome experience guys are amazing

Awesome experience guys are amazing. Highly suggest using these guys. Way better then all the other websites I’ve tried.

Nenad Draca40 min ago
PrimeCarry is Getting a New Name!
  • The same PRO booster will complete your orders.
  • The same friendly and smart support team.
What’s Changing:
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  • New website. Better look on all devices.
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