About us

We are highly experienced group and our players are raiding in top 20 guilds in world(wowprogress).


We already done over 5000 Cm’s in “Pandaria” and more than 6000 Cm’s in “Draenor” including server firsts. We’re doing them very quickly and cheaply in eu/us and alli/horde


        – We never use any 3rd part applications, cheats or shortcuts for boost


       – Everything you buy from us you can check on our stream.


       – All information about you or your account will be confidential.


       – We use VPN matching your country. Your UI and key bindings remains the same. We arent replying in-game whispers keeping do not disturb during the boost.


       – We are verified by most popular payment systems Paypal are the safest and easiestways to pay.